Protect your loved ones by getting a will that’s right for them


Do you think about what your family will do when you’re gone?

Are you worried that if you get a will your family may end up paying more than they have to for it?

Do you want to pass on a legacy to your children that’s about more than just money?

We think we can help.

5 Questions You Need to Ask Your Will Writer

At Wright Wills we offer you an inheritance plan that is tailored to be the best fit for your family.

We used to work for large estate planning companies whose business models meant they have to treat everybody the same. We started Wright Wills so we can give your family the protection that is right for them. Like one of our clients Erika O’Connor said,

“Wright Wills provided a very personal service. They were happy to make a will that perfectly fit our needs while some of the other will writers we’ve worked with had been much less willing to do so.”

We also provide other services such as helping you minimise the tax bill your loved ones will pay and making sure any young children you may have are properly cared for after you’re gone. To find out about these and what else we offer by clicking here.

Gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your loved ones will be looked after when you’re gone because they’ll have a will that is right for them.

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