About Us

Born in Yorkshire and Lichfield we’ve called the South East home for the past 15 years. We love this part of England and the people who live here. Those who work hard to earn for themselves and their families, and also know how to have a laugh and let their hair down.

We met while working at a corporate will-writing company. While we loved meeting people who needed help protecting their legacies we weren’t so keen on the business model of who we were working for. This was because, like the majority of will-writing companies, they were about selling people a limited range of pre-set packages which you couldn’t alter.

We knew that every individual and family is different. We felt that we could better help protect our clients’ wishes if we could write wills that reflected each of their unique circumstances.

That’s why we started Wright Wills, to be able to give you a will that is best fit for you and those you love. Things got off to a great start. We’re both chatty chappies and through meeting people face to face we began to gain clients and word of mouth referrals.

Then covid struck.

The pubs, golf clubs and other events where we’d been meeting people who could benefit from our services shut down. The thing that James and I both enjoyed most about this business, seeing people face to face to learn about what made them and their desires for their loved ones unique wasn’t possible.

Both of us have come from humble origins and we’ve only got where we are today by overcoming our fair share of setbacks in life. We realised that the obstacle covid presented us with was actually an opportunity to reach more people than we could have by just meeting them in person.

We’ve developed unique online tools such as this free guide on what questions you need to ask any will writer.

5 Questions You Need to Ask Your Will Writer

Since then we’re really pleased to have helped a growing number of people protect their loved ones for when they’re no longer here. One of those we’ve helped is Graham North, a Corporate Contract Lawyer from Tunbridge Wells:

“James saved us a large amount in potential estate duty. He’s a man of integrity with a great sense of humour and has a relaxed yet wholly professional manner in dealing with clients which made him a genuine pleasure to work with.”

If you’re interested in finding out how to best pass on what you’ve earned to those you love after you’re gone then read our “5 Questions You Need to Ask Your Will Writer .”