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None of us know what the future will bring, and it can be hard to think about a time when you won’t be able to make decisions for yourself. But with 1 in 3 of us needing long-term care in later life it’s vital someone you trust is able to make decisions on your behalf. Many of us incorrectly believe that being married, having close next of kin or a joint bank account means that Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) isn’t needed, but it is. An LPA allows you to choose who will make those decisions for you by appointing someone as your attorney.

Without one, an application has to be made to Court of Protection and a deputy appointed by the court to act in your self-interest. There is no guarantee that this would be someone close to you.

This can all be prevented by registering a Lasting Power of Attorney

Setting up an LPA is simple, but there is a standard form of writing which must be used. There are two different types of LPA’s which cover your financial affairs, and your health and welfare and you can to limit the kind of decisions your attorney can make for you. We can help you set up your LPA as well as cover your other estate planning needs.

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Why should you register a Lasting Power of Attorney:

  • Avoid a lengthy and costly court process

    Applying to the court of protection can be a long, stressful and expensive process. Not something your loved ones want to go through while at the same time as coping with your illness. An LPA takes away all that additional stress.

  • Make decisions about your health needs

    Your partner or next of kin won't be able to make critical decisions about your care; such as decisions on life-sustaining treatment, where you live, and day to day matters such as diet and routine - you need an LPA to do that

  • Make financial decisions on your behalf

    Being married or having a joint bank account doesn’t mean they’ll be able to make financial decisions such as accessing your bank accounts, paying bills or for your car, or selling your house. Again an LPA is needed.

  • To give you peace of mind

    By appointing someone, you trust to manage your affairs you can have confidence that decisions are being made according to your wishes and in your best interest.

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