Protecting your assets for your loved ones with a Trust


In some complex situations, you will need more than a Will to ensure that your assets are protected and are passed on to whom you wish. Perhaps your child has married someone you’re not keen on, or you want to make sure your inheritance is passed directly on to your grandchildren, or you have remarried and want to make sure your assets pass on down to your children instead of your spouses.

A Trust can help you take care of these and many more scenarios. Also, depending on how you decide it is set up a Trust can also help you to pay the right amount of inheritance tax.


The Wright Wills Way…

Trust law can be complicated, but we have a wealth of experience helping our clients for whom a Will won’t solve all their estate planning needs. We can use this knowledge to make sure a Trust is set up correctly, in accordance with your wishes, to avoid any issues further down the line.

We believe essential discussions like these need a personal touch. We will visit you in the comfort of your own home, take the time to understand your situation and your wishes, and help you put together a plan which suits you.

Do I need a trust?

As we said there are many different reasons why you may need a trust, but here are some typical examples:

  • You have a family member set to inherit which you would like to bypass, such as a child’s spouse
  • You have a new spouse and would like them to remain in the family home after your death, but that home to ultimately pass to your children from a previous marriage
  • You have a child with a gambling or other addiction problems, and you would like assets to be released when certain conditions are met, giving you more control
  • You have adult children with a learning difficulty or other disability and would like funds to be available for their care after you pass
  • You would like to pay the correct amount of inheritance tax

What’s next?

  • Think about what your eventual goals are, plan out who you would like to leave to what to, and when
  • Also think about who you would like to appoint as your trustees. You could decide on more than one person, and decide which decisions they’ll be responsible for
  • Get in touch with us to discuss your objectives and we can talk about how this can be achieved

Contact us if you would like to discuss how we can help you set up a Trust